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Ledger & Looms stocks a vast array of quality handmade rugs in various styles, colors, sizes and prices.  We have an extensive network of rug suppliers throughout the world and specialise in 100% authentic, hand-knotted and hand-woven pieces made with natural dyes. 

We encourage our clients to view our rugs in their homes or office space before making a purchase.
We will gladly deliver a selection of pieces to be tried and this service is completely complementary and without obligation. We are passionate about handmade rugs and enjoy spending as much time with our clients as they need to help them find the perfect rug.

Khotan, 2'8 x 9'9, CI$1150.00, ANK 19-19.png
Persian Bidjar, 2'6 x 2'5, CI$550.00, TRI 19-19.png
Vintage Karacadag Prayer Rug, 4'9 x 8'8, CI$2275.00, AT 01-03, 70 Years Old, Hand-Knotted
Khotan, 4'11 x 7'3, CI$1550.00, ANK 19-20.png
Chobi, 6'11 x 9'11, CI$3250.00, ANK 21-15.png
Vintage Persian Kirman, 9'5 x 12'8, CI$4795.00, ANK 20-17.png
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